PhD, History and Philosophy of Science

Dana Matthiessen

I am currently a a Postdoctoral Associate at the Minnesota Center for Philosophy of Science. Previously, I was a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Pittsburgh in the department of History and Philosophy of Science, where I earned my PhD.

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My research brings philosophical debates on scientific representation into dialogue with the history and philosophy of data-gathering practices, with a focus on the life sciences.

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Latest news:

  • On April 10-12, I will be at the “Machine Learning, Explain Yourself!” conference in Utrecht, discussing the contributions of deep learning algorithms to scientific understanding in molecular biology.
  • I’ve been invited to be a panelist for a session titled “Explanation and Gravitation: Boyle, Newton, and Early Modern Science in Dialogue” for the Traveling Early Modern Philosophy Conference this April 26-27 in Denver.
  • I am organizing a session for the Society for the Philosophy of Science in Practice conference this May titled “Measurement in Biology: Conceptual Issues.” I’ll be discussing the role of theory in high-throughput measurement practices, such as genomics.
  • I recently had a co-authored paper accepted to Philosophy of Science on “Observations, Experiments, and Arguments for Epistemic Superiority in Scientific Methodology.” Here is a link.
  • I am organizing a 2025 workshop linking pragmatism and scientific measurement at the Pittsburgh Center for Philosophy of Science.